About the trading dates for USBRUB in Dec 2020/Jan 2021

Hereby we confirm that according to agreements with main market players, exchanges and vendors we strongly recommend using following market conventions for USDRUB standard spot value date (which is T+1 in usual time) during the coming holidays in Russia:

Trade Date        Value Date          MOEX         Day of Week

30.Dec.20             11.Jan.20             Open            Wednesday

31.Dec.20             11.Jan.21            Closed            Thursday

01.Jan.21              11.Jan.21            Closed               Friday

04.Jan.21              11.Jan.21             Open              Monday

05.Jan.21              11.Jan.21             Open              Tuesday

06.Jan.21              11.Jan.21             Open            Wednesday

07.Jan.21              11.Jan.21            Closed            Thursday

08.Jan.21              11.Jan.21             Open                Friday



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